What I got from this class

At first, I had a hard time conceptualizing how social media would, or could, be utilized effectively in the classroom with students. When I think of social media, I think more of social networking. So, Facebook and similar sites.

I now realize that the opportunities are limitless as far as classroom application is concerned. With my own situation, utilizing something like a website for the classroom and wikis would have to be extremely intentional and planned into my curriculum. Perhaps taking the students once a week so they can work on an ongoing project.

I enjoyed this class. I learned quite a bit. Building a website was an entirely new concept to me. It was also very fun to research and learn about innovative new technologies available online.

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Geography matters

I found a YouTube channel which features Geography themed videos.
This particular video sets a purpose for why students should have a geographic education.

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So, why geography?

While preparing this website and designing the layout of the website, I consistently questioned the intent and purpose of a website for educators. Should the website contain standalone printable lesson plans? Or should it do more?

I decided that there are plenty of websites dedicated to simply having lesson plans available. I wanted to offer more. So, this webpage is dedicated to the integration of technology into the classroom. With the advent of the internet, and the evolution of social media, it almost feels like an injustice to students to deny them that resource.

Geography teachers, in particular, can benefit from such a resource. Studying culture of others is inherent in the study of geography. By utilizing social media, students are offered the potential of connecting with peers all around the world.


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Hello! Welcome to my Geography webpage. My name is Ms. Haslup.

This page is dedicated to offering resources and lesson plan ideas for other teachers who wish to incorporate technology in their classroom.

When utilized correctly, the internet and social media tools offer curriculum enrichment. These resources offer opportunities for students to gain experiences they may not get otherwise. E.G. Connecting with other students around the world, or seeing how people live in various areas of the world.

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